There is a reason Daniel Martin has been ranked the top touring act in the country by event producers, bookers and activity directors. There is a reason the majority of his clientele bring him back annually!  There is a reason why CAMEO Publishing wrote: “This is a guy who does an incredible job and has the hype and evidence to back it up !”  
 It’s because Daniel Martin delivers! 

“Phenomenal! One of the best acts I have ever seen

in my 21 years of serving as an Activities Director!”



“To impress a room full of event planners is not easy…your show did just that!”-Event Marketer Magazine

“Daniel Martin’s show was a laugh-out loud, jaw dropping performance that left us wanting more. It is a must see performance for all college campuses!”

 –Methodist University

“Amazing, Mystifying, Thrilling…offering high quality entertainment” 
–Hilton Hotels

“Our audience had a blast! Awesome Show!” 

-University of Wisconsin

“Daniel was amazing! He had the audience attention from the minute he walked on stage till the lights went on! He was also great to work with!”–Elmira College

“Fabulous Show! Dan was a ton of fun to work with from set up to tear down and blew our audience’s minds and had them hysterical all night!”–Knox College

“Daniel was a joy to work with. He went above and beyond to make the performance a huge success! I highly recommend Daniel Martin to any college in the country. HE is a rising star!”
College of St. Mary

“Fantastic, wonderful performer”! –University of Texas

“Adapted the show to our audience needs, received several standing ovations!” –Chesapeake College

“Daniel had a great rapport with the audience. His energy was fantastic! I had students that normally don’t get enthusiastic about events come up to me and say: “Money well spent!” 
Williston State College

“Hilarious with a great show” –Winona State University

“Daniel was incredibly easy to work with and super flexible. His show was funny, engaging, unique, and very entertaining!
Clark University

“Greatest weekend event this year! For a smaller school Daniel made his show terrific, we will definitely bring him back!”
-Mount Olive 

“Daniel Martin provided more than a quality show, he provided a wonderful experience for our students!”
-Newberry College

“One of the largest audiences we have had in years! Engaging and Entertaining!
–Iowa Wesleyan

“This is one of the best shows we’ve ever had here, over 580 students! The audience loved him and we love him. He is one of our favorite acts and we can’t wait to have him back!
University of North Dakota

“Daniel Martin was phenomenal! He performed during our sibling’s weekend & related to both the students and their siblings! I would love to have him back anytime! 

Maryville University

“Dan was great to work with. He was able to work with us since we are a small institution and low tech. The crowd absolutely loved Dan and his energy. He is a must book act!  –University Center

“Daniel was one of the best acts we’ve had! He arrived in enough time to do teasers around campus with students and at show time the audience was blown away! MUST HAVE PERFORMER AT YOUR SCHOOL!
University of Mary

“Daniel is an amazing performer. He is super easy to work with, we want him to come back again and again! Always a crowd pleaser, and everyone should bring him to their campus!
Southern Oregon University

“It was a great show and Daniel received 3 standing ovations!”
Bradley University

“Was a great show and would definitely bring him back to campus”
Rockford College

“The audience did not want the show to end!”
Law Enforcement Torch Run

“Hilarious Show, Great Tricks!”-Carthage College

“Fantastic Performer” –Marquette University

“You were a hit, you providing great entertainment for everyone made me look good, thank you!” 

–National Packing


“Daniel was great to work with from start to finish. His interaction with the crowd was awesome. Everyone left the show full of excitement, and it was an excellent event for new student orientation & a great way to welcome everyone!”
–Northern State University

“Dan’s show was incredible. I have never seen our students react so well to a performer. They all left absolutely mystified and immediately requested we bring him back next year!”
–MacMurray College

“Loved the show” –Gateway Tech

“Daniel was amazing. So easy to work with and the show was spectacular. We will definitely have him back.
–Mercer University

“Daniel was great! So great to work with and our students loved him!”
–Indiana University East

“You can tell Daniel loves what he does and it shows in his performance! Again, one of the best acts of the year! We love you Daniel!
-Montana State University

“Daniel was absolutely amazing. He was great to work with and totally audience orientated. I would recommend him to EVERYONE!
–Concordia University/Wisconsin

“Daniel was absolutely amazing! He exceeded our expectations and made it an awesome night! We are so happy and the students loved him!
-University of South Florida-St. Petersburg

“Amazing artist with a great personality! We had such a great time with him! –Valparaiso University

“Our audience was really enjoyed the show! The students were impressed by the entire act, it was fun!” 

–Eastern Illinois University

“Daniel was amazing! Extremely fun to work with and students really enjoyed it!” 

-California Polytechnic State

“Show was Awesome! Daniel was great to work with, would highly recommend him!” 

-Marywood University

“Daniel was great to work with! He was so incredible and helpful! It was a pleasure to work with him! Awesome!” 

–Berry College

“Daniel was amazing, easy to work with and polite. I would recommend him to anyone! Best act we have had thus far!” 

–Thomas More College

“He hosted our talent show and really held it together like glue! Amazing performance, and even better than David Blaine” 

–Southern Oregon University

“Daniel kept the audience engaged throughout the entire show! His teasers brought out a large crowd and made our show a success!”
-Mount Union College

“Amazing show, the crowd loved it. Can’t wait to have Daniel back!”
Northern Arizona University

“We loved it! One of the largest audiences we’ve had for an act! Loved that he came early enough to do some teasers at dinner!”
-Kentucky Wesleyan College

“This was one of the best shows I have every seen, Daniel was great and worked well with the audience!”

 –Southwestern Oregon Community College

“Very entertaining and funny”–Bucknell University

“Great Show, got great participation from the audience, great to work with”–St. Ambrose University

“Fantastic show, Daniel was upbeat, connected well with the crowd and was a pleasure to work with”

-Southern Oregon University

“Very engaging and attention grabbing”

–Baker University

“He was such a great guy to work with. Everyone in the audience was amazed and loved him, we hope to bring him back again!”
–DePauw University